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-Extensions Available

-Loan Package: $750

-Appraisal: $450-$550


-Title Policy Required

-Insurance Policy Required

-Extensions Available

A hard money loan is a loan acquired through a private lender instead of through a traditional bank. Hard money loans are typically asset based, which means our primary focus when determining a loan amout is based mostly on the value of the collateral itself.

No, we only lend in 1st lien position.

We base our approvals on the quality of the property, the experience of the borrower, and the overall likelihood that the project will be successful. While we do review credit history, it is not the primary component of our decisions, and many borrowers with damaged credit are able to be approved.

At the beginning of the loan process, we will typically ask for much of the same documentation that a bank would require; however, unlike a bank, we don’t ask for this documentation to look for reasons to say “no”. We use common-sense underwriting principles to examine the character, experience, and capacity of each borrower, and have flexibility in our documentation requirements. Your online pre-approval letter will contain the list of documentation requirements applicable to your loan request.

A typical loan can be funded in 5-7 days.

  • The subject property you are requesting a loan for will be used as the collateral and personal gurantee